The Pursuit of Happiness

A time comes to take a stand on what you want from life. There’s none like now. All journeys have a path, and whilst you may have walked a path set out for you since your infancy, a time comes for pause, a check that this is the right path for you.

Why is this important?

Well it’s unlikely that the path you take or don’t take has earth shattering consequences, or should overly concern the rest of the world so long as you’re getting by on the right side of the law. So who does this matter to? Your parents, you’d already done them proud with the choices you’ve made, choices you’re wbeen coerced into perhaps. So who? It matters to you. Invariably, it is you who the choices you make should matter the most to. Sure, your spouse is a close second and then your offsprings, but chiefly you are the choices you make, who better to own what these choices are, to wield influence over them.

There are encumbrances to this of course –the world does not standby idly while you’re working your way up to your choices. It moves. You must move with it. It is a thoroughly fluid situation, and one you are best placed to judge if you’re a thinking person, if the way you lead life matters to you, if life should bring happiness. In no time it becomes apparent that just because Mr A did this and was happy with it is no cause to suggest you will derive happiness from same. So you might have spent years training to become a professional in a specific field, you’ve tried and tested it, you’ve got years of evidence to back your findings that said field is not for you, then waste no further time, research what it is you’d rather be doing, and plunge into making that happen.

The phrase, the pursuit of happiness, would suggest it is a continuous effort and not a feeling or state of mind set in stone, found once and then locked away for safety. It is a moving target which requires from us a flexible approach. What worked last year might no longer suffice this year. Don’t worry, I haven’t worked this all out myself – and so passing wisdom for that reason, I’m simply positing as one of life’s journey makers in the quest for happiness.

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