Beautiful woman

Her irides glow like the iridescent sun

Has eyes everywhere, watchful

Sees before it happens, cautions

But when it hurts, she bears the sting

Chooses to forgive but does not forget

Beautiful woman, too much heart to give

Spins the world round her, yet asks not for return

Save for cherishing her beauty within

Beautiful woman, Every woman

In the Shadows

Once I had bumped into death
T’was mere yards away, the blackness on a threshold
Willing me to take a leap, forward
Your call was so dramatic, my pause so emphatic
Emphatically so
There is still much to live for
So we do our dance and I tell death to be gone
It lurked in the shadows, whereupon I refused to go
It awaits patiently, this I know
No matter, I live through the vicissitudes of life
I live till I die
I live
I die
But first I live


Oh yes it happened how I say it did
You did raise your voice and haul abuse and
call me all sorts of names under the sun
You did call me the b word
You did say I was no good
I, the mother of your children
You did say no one else could love me
You did say my love handles were far too much
for any one else to handle
You did say the stretch marks marked me out as past use
You did say I’d sit on the shelf without you
And the reason you say you didn’t is that even with your perfection,
still you’re nothing without me


How we survived the maelstrom
that was our young love, neither can tell
First we rowed, as though with oars in a simple boat through unyielding waters, until we were swept into the blue waters, where we jostled and tumbled, kicking our soon weary feet against
the fearsome currents underneath
We faced our fears in these waters,
we learnt to be at one with its perilous whims, braving its vengeful lashes,
until it ceased,
tiding low,
bringing us forth to the sandy shores
where our love blossomed