The Teacher, The Seamstress & The Pianist – A debut Novel

Scarred after a childless marriage, Onyeka (The Teacher) is afraid of her past, and of letting go of the life she has rebuilt around Chidiebere, her housemaid and Anieto, her nephew.

Chidiebere (The Seamstress) is on the verge of a tortuous journey to womanhood and fifteen-year-old Anieto (The Pianist) , a child witness to a horrific killing, suffers in silence.

When a second brutal death and a long dreaded request threaten to upheave the lives they share, Onyeka acts to forestall the inevitable in what proves to be a grave test of loyalties.

Set both in military ruled Nigeria, with its attendant suppression of freedoms and a newly democratic Nigeria of unrealized hopes, this is the story of the pivotal journeys of the three as they confront their worst fears, unspoken griefs, clash of desires and greatest hopes in a world which yields nothing too easily.

Release date: May 2018