Finding your voice

A chance encounter. You speak and someone is listening, paying close attention. Someone thinks what you are saying is worth listening to. Quite possibly your audience is less experienced in life, just as likely that they are not. They've formed an audience around you all the same, the reason being that you have something to say which resonates.


Staying Power

Imagine yet, if you will, all the things you hold dear in the world – in arts, in science, the greats: Einstein, Chopin, Picasso, Jay-Z (and no this isn't tokenism to hip-hop.) Imagine if they never got started. Imagine if they stuck to their doubts. Imagine if their doubts (which they most certainly had) had crippled them.

Fatherhood Series

Fatherhood Series: Fatherhood, A walk in the park?

Are you babysitting today, a lady with her 8 month old down at the park asked me. My son had taken to jaunting off at this point. I smiled. Babysitting is what you do with other people's children, I said. I'm just out here chilling with my son, I thought.


The day I met Chimamanda Adichie … a writing goddess

For obvious reasons, Adichie has become a cult figure to me. I write. She writes phenomenally well. There could be no clearer version of hero worship. I delight in reading her works – yet she is all the more enthralling when she speaks. She speaks as though you were reading her work.

Fiction, Short Story

Short Story: Without a Brain

“Where did you go on exile?” Darlington asked, deciding to strip the journalist out of his tone, to keep it respectful, though more to his own ears than Max’s, who did not seem to care. What more, Max – Darlington finally could place it -  spoke the Queen's English, so Darlington couldn't possibly tell what measured as respectful in the ears of a nonagenarian who spoke the Queen's English.